Non-fungible token (NFT) Transitions #2010 with ID #117002010 of Art Blocks

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Transitions #2010

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A collaborative project that transitions the visual aesthetic of a Matt Bilfield peg piece to the generative art world. “Pixels” from the physical world take on new life as the limitations of reality are removed and they are free to assemble and morph without the rigidity or permanence of wood, paint and glue. Round and square variants incorporate multiple color palettes into four unique styles, each with their own distinct attributes. Additional variety in dimensions, depth, color placement, animation, and light modes ensure no two are alike. Make sure to explore the intricacies of each piece by using the mouse to see all angles. Keyboard shortcuts: a: toggle animation, r: reset camera position, s: save screenshot. [1 HOUR TIME-LIMITED OPEN EDITION] Additional project feature(s) => Shape: Square, Style: Gradient, Lights On: Yes, Monochrome: No, Peg Length: Medium, Size: Medium


Token name Transitions #2010
Token ID
Registry contract address
Issuance blockchain Ethereum
Issuance date July 31, 2021
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Art Blocks is a generative art platform that allows collectors to mint NFTs, without knowing the outcome. Artists provide variables linked as code to the platform, which will generate different and unique combinations of the existing content randomly.

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August 1, 2021 Transfer
July 31, 2021 Birth
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