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Token description

A spiritual awakening is the process through which we discover who we really are. People are subconsciously driven by what was told to them by their parents, family members, teachers, politicians- playing out a very repetitive cycle of the human subconscious. Having a spiritual awakening is breaking away through all of it, and escaping the "matrix". It is realizing that we are much more than this physical vessel. "We are one undergoing the experience of many." This realization can change everything you've ever known in an instant and it could be difficult to fully grasp. How can we continue to live the same lives knowing everything we know now? People around you will start to question you, think you're crazy, think you're so disassociated with reality- when in reality you've never been more connected to source. People fear what they cannot understand. This process can truly make you feel alone. Not seen. Not heard. It can become tough- and it can leave you longing for a divine connection with something or someone. The good news is that more and more people are having a spiritual awakening. You are not alone. Even though you must not seek external validation from others, it is nice to have someone in this lifetime who understands the depths your soul. You are seen. You are heard. That divine connection is always surrounding you and ready to embrace you in pure eternal love.


Token name Solitude
Token ID
Registry contract address
Issuance blockchain Ethereum
Issuance date July 31, 2021
MakersPlace ロゴ



MakersPlace is a platform to discover, collect, and trade digital artworks. Every art piece available through MakersPlace is authentic and truly unique, signed and issued by the artist.


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