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A few statistics about the decentralized app Somnium Space.

Trading volume (30 days) $ 96,384.51
Number of NFTs 670

Dapp trading volume

The historical trading volume of Somnium Space.

About Somnium Space

Somnium Space is an open, social and persistent Virtual Reality (VR) world that is built on Ethereum. Everyone in Somnium Space is able to buy land and build or import avatars. Players can easily drench themselves into a completely alternative reality and monetize their experiences.

This world is shaped by players, with land ownership on the blockchain as well as a virtual investment. Somnium Space has its own economy and its own currency. Somnium Space is designed for VR devices, however, fully accessible from any device from 2D mode on a user’s desktop. The platform is designed to be a digital social location where people from around the world can socialize, join events, play games and more.

Somnium Space CUBE

CUBE is the in-world cryptocurrency token based on the Ethereum blockchain. CUBEs can be used to buy land parcels on OpenSea, or to rent them from other users. The best use of CUBEs will be for in-world transactions, like micro payments in their store and User-to-User transactions. More CUBE information.

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